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Sign the petition calling for a moratorium on wireless smart meters in BC. 

Pre-register here to support a BC referendum on smart meters.

NEWS FLASH (Nov. 11, 2011): There is now at least one case in British Columbia of a BC Hydro customer having their smart meter installation REVERSED. After much complaint from the customer, BC Hydro sent a service truck to the address in question, and the BC Hydro installer removed the newly-installed smart meter (which Corix had installed two weeks earlier DESPITE the homeowner having a ‘No Smart Meter’ sign posted), and replaced it with an old analogue meter! So it is possible. Never stop advocating for your rights. If one person can succeed, then we ALL can succeed. The identity of the homeowner and the town are being withheld at present simply to protect the BC Hydro employee who could conceivably get in trouble for this action. But this homeowner is a personal friend of mine, and I know the story is true. 

They’re heeeere…. Corix is in town (all over Vancouver Island) going block to block and door to door replacing our perfectly good old-fashioned hydro meters with Smart Meters.

Have you boxed in your hydro meter so that it cannot be replaced without your consent? And have you posted your sign beside it saying ‘No Smart Meter’ at your address?

You can see above how I boxed in my meter using an old art project (that had been entitled, ironically enough, “Monumental Erection”). Other people are caging their meters with a wire freezer basket screwed onto their house. And still others are finding a way to padlock it. View the full Photo Gallery here.

Here is another system: 3 padlocks - 2 short-shank, 1 long-shank. Place them through the holes that are already in the collar around your existing hydro meter. Simple!

However you do it, the point is to prevent the meter from being switched out, but still allow enough access for the meter reader to read the dials on your old meter.

Here is the link to the sign you can post beside your old hydro meter.

But the sign alone may not be enough. Reports are rolling in from all over Vancouver Island of Corix installers blatantly disregarding the posted signs on people’s homes and swapping out the old meter for a smart meter, leaving the sign plainly posted beside it. This is why you also need to box in or cage your old meter to prevent Corix from exchanging it for a smart meter.

If you see this Corix/BC Hydro truck parked on your block, it is there for one reason only. Lock down your old hydro meter or lose it!

One such case occurred in Duncan, BC recently: “We are very upset,” says concerned mother Annette Lampson Duncan in a letter to the editor just two days ago, “especially as we fear for the health of our daughter who sleeps in the room that has the meter on it. The radiation around the meter [extends] 20 feet. It happens every three minutes.”

I know of two personal friends, one in Nanaimo and one in Victoria, who had the same thing done to their homes recently. The Corix installer deliberately ignored the posted sign and went ahead and swapped out the old hydro meter for a smart meter, leaving the sign in place. These are not isolated instances. This seems to be Corix’s installation policy, along with varying degrees of verbal abuse and intimidation toward uncooperative residents. Corix installers are paid by the piece (no installation, no pay) hence their aggressiveness.

There have also been reports of Corix installers ignoring the wishes of tenants. One man on Protection Island near Nanaimo told the Corix installer he didn’t want a smart meter. The installer asked him if he was the owner. The man said “No, but I’ll go get him right now.” And when the tenant returned with the owner, the Corix installer had done the deed and left. It takes a Corix installer a mere 10 minutes to make the switch.

The only way to prevent this abuse of your rights is to physically barricade your meter as described above.


1. Health Concerns. The World Health Organization classes Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) as a “possible carcinogen.” There are districts and schools in England and Europe that ban wireless technology (WiFi) altogether because of health risks, especially for children. In California, PG&E has begun removing smart meters on homes where people have become sick from them, and is replacing them with old-style analogue meters.

2. Privacy and Personal Security Concerns. Smart Meters, and the information about your electricity usage that they will be transmitting, have the same vulnerability to easy eavesdropping as cell phones, WiFi computers and any other wireless techology. Burglars can use this to determine when houses are unoccupied. BC’s Privacy Commissioner has launched an investigation into BC Hydro’s smart meters because of these concerns.

3. Local Government Opposition. In September, the Union of BC Municipalities – representing ALL local governments in British Columbia – passed a motion calling for a moratorium on smart meter installation. (This motion is not binding on BC Hydro, but it demonstrates a province-wide opposition to the smart meter program.)

4. Job Loss. BC Hydro’s motivation for this much-opposed technological change-over is partly about ‘labour shedding.’ Four hundred meter readers will be unemployed if BC Hydro’s plan to install smart meters goes ahead.

5. Your Hydro Bill. There are reports in US cities of customers whose electric bills are doubling and even tripling immediately after the smart meter switchover. In Richmond, BC a woman recently reported that her typical $100 hydro bill jumped to $500 after installation of a smart meter. She complained to BC Hydro, but Hydro says the bill is accurate. It may be faulty equipment or a weakness of the wireless system itself. But in any case, it is extremely difficult to get your electric company to reduce your bill just because you say it’s wrong.

There is an organized and growing resistance to smart meters in BC and beyond. Plans are afoot to launch a province-wide referendum and possibly also a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro.

In the meantime, do what you can to keep a smart meter off of your house.

For more information, visit Citizens for Safe Technology.

Or read this long but excellent article by Joyce Nelson in the Watershed Sentinel on smart meters and the global energy grid.

Kim Goldberg

About Kim Goldberg

Kim Goldberg is a poet, journalist and the author of 8 books of poetry and nonfiction. Latest titles: DEVOLUTION (poems of ecopocalypse), UNDETECTABLE (her Hep C journey in haibun), RED ZONE (poems of homelessness) and RIDE BACKWARDS ON DRAGON: a poet's journey through Liuhebafa. She lives in Nanaimo, BC. Contact:
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18 Responses to Smart THIS!

  1. Christel says:

    Thanks for covering Smart Meters, Kim, much appreciated! Some Corix installers pay attention to owners/tenants and politely go away; others ignore everything. My friends went out for two hours and came home to find a smart meter and their sign “disappeared.” She’s been having continuous headaches and heart flutters ever since. This woman treks the high Andes regularly and doesn’t get headaches or flutters at 5,000 feet; now she can’t sleep in her own home. It’s not only the two antennas inside the meter (according to Hydro, they won’t be activated until the grid is fully “on” in 2014, although they do run for the first few days looking for a signal) but the dirty electricity (DE, aka harmonic interference) that they produce in the house wiring. DE is just as dangerous as RFR (radio frequency microwave radiation). See for videos about DE & Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes and electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS). How our illustrious federal and provincial politicians signed away our rights under UN Agenda 21 befuddles me; I thought we elected them to represent US, not the U.S.

  2. Kim, thanks ever so much for all the practical advice. We may not let this dirty corporate endeavour continue. Our health and that of our fellow British-Columbians is too precious to have it destroyed by those who have no idea of the effects of another dose of radiation. These corporate efforts, which are intented to become global, will be catastrophical. Luckily most British Columbians are too intelligent to go along with this dishonest undertaking.

  3. Kim this is great advice, thanks so much.

  4. Mia Nony says:

    BRAVO! Let’s start with this WE are controlling interest shareholders in BC Hydro. That means this is YOUR analog meter. Magical thinking about paper as a form of protection can be worse than dangerous. To believe a piece of paper protects you from an analog meter being removed by an untrained non professional temporary employee (btw? that’s also illegal under FCC guidelines) who is being paid bonuses for the number of meters installed per day is the kind of naive luxury which none of us can afford.
    The frequencies enabled by these devices, ESPECIALLY once they all get switched on to full all at once, later on, are frequencies not only able to be increased in intensity, but multiplied and altered at will REMOTELY. In reality these frequencies are so dangerous they violate Health Canada’s own EMF Safety Code Six. they cause nerve and muscle depolarization, gradual electrical failure of your own human grid. Worse yet, honey bees leave for good often in 24 hours so bye bye food supply. Medically these frequencies interfere with the natural ones measured by EKGs and ECGs. As for medical implants, they can fail through aggressive radio interference from the 927 MHz penetrative frequency which seeks out all wiring including yours and that of your pacemaker, etc. . Domestic pets such as dogs and cats are often in agony, once the smart grid is is turned on full bore, same for domestic livestock, especially near the microwave leaking utility poles since the farther they have to send them the higher they have to crank the microwaves up to go the distance. Plus bats, birds, butterflies, all navigational migrators, echo-locators, and pollinators, even deer, whales, dolphins, anything which is biological is at serious risk since everything in the entire ecosystem becomes unable to “hear” and be guided by the magnetic lines of flux of the planet which guide them. is a good way to understand just how far outside the law your rogue Lib government has strayed. Robert Becker is a good source for our own low hertz natural magnetism info.
    These frequencies are not only illegal but lethal, since they are able to slow cook you and MUST be avoided no matter what.
    OUR SECURITIZATION: We really do not want pain, suffering or to die prematurely. So….We changed the locks on our gates and then used an old steel bed frame, cut down to be a rectangle that fit neatly over the existing meter collar. This left room for both signs to be posted on either side of the meter after being glued with outdoor water proofed glue to a board and then strapped to the bolts with locking circular metal collars attached. the rectangle was made from angle iron cut with a plasma cutter and it was thru bolted to the indoors after CAREFUL NECESSARY removal of part of the inside wall section so as to avoid hitting any wires running from the meter to the indoor circuit box. We recommend shutting off your outside outlets from your own control box inside at your indoor circuit box, so as to stop Corix/Hydro from later on using a grinder or other tools to possibly remove these vital securitization enclosures. You will also need a photo of your set up, proof of the sign posted as being located at your address. These may also become useful legal moves for later on if needed to defend your rights.
    Meanwhile, check out Defend Your Analog Meter Parts I to V. Personal favourite? LEXAN ENCLOSURE. Bear in mind that most chains and padlocks are easily removed with bolt cutters. So since this is a war of advanced self defence, let’s get creative! Make sure we keep 400 meter readers employed in BC by leaving a way for meter readers to read the meter by posting the readings outside your gate on the day you know the meter reader is coming. (that is the day on your bill for the end of the reading period, unless you are on equal payment plan) .
    The fee for the meter reader is already structured into your current Hydro bill. So any Hydro private sector argument that they will need to charge you extra is bogus as they are keeping all the meter reader salary money and letting go of the readers.

    • Mia, You provide a lot of helpful comments, but some are likely to distract and cause confusion. The frequencies emitted by smart meters and the grid are not illegal. 900 MHz range is the one used by many unregulated devices and used to be the ones used by cell phones. Health Canada does not regulate frequencies, Industry Canada does. Neither have the levels of radiation violated health canada’s horrible guideline, Safety Code 6. If any of this were true we’d have some strong bases for fighting this. Sadly none of this is true so we must find new ways to change this undemocratic, dangerous law. And one more minor thing, nothing in Canada, not even the untrained installers is regulated by the FCC — that applies to the US only.

      • We are given to understand that the Auditor General may be about to move forward regarding Health Canada and that HC may be about to be subject to an official inquiry by the AG regarding violation of the terms of their own law, SC6, a violation for which Industry Canada must also answer as the enforcement arm of SC6.
        HC’s own law disallows ANY frequency which demonstrably heats human tissue even at so called sub thermal levels. It states as much right in SC6. HC has now been officially informed that there are indeed thermal effects taking place at even the lowest levels of wireless. And that against the wording of their own law, – not guideline – law. The 1000 microwatt rule also violates their own laws which demand that weight of evidence be used. HC used a non electrical dead piece of meat and a meat probe. This is not weight of evidence at all. It is arbitrary junk science the use of which violates yet another part of SC6. However, written right in the document SC6 this law admits they know human tissue is heating somewhat (cooking!) but they also added that they have not know (for 30 years) what caused this effect. Further SC6 then stated unequivocally that the minute they knew WHAT was causing the heat effect this would oblige HC to change the application of SC6. This makes SC6 unlike almost all other laws, in as much as they freely admit they do not know and will change as soon as they do know what causes the harm they see happening to humans.
        So what did they do in the interim? – (for 30 year) they reverted to a non “weight of evidence” approach. Instead HC arbitrarily assigned a heat load and invented a formula to make it legit to allow what they themselves deemed to be “tolerable amounts of heating of human tissue” – meaning of the body – simply because they were unable to see the harm being done by what has turned out to NOT be sub thermal levels of harm after all. So they ignored the power densities of low level frequencies altogether. In fact, physicist Tony Muc, the author of SC6, openly admits that he knows that people are indeed “being heated up a little”. But then he turned around and decided that “a little” (electrical induction, about which he knows absolutely nothing) would be deemed by him to be tolerable and to to be okayed by Health Canada. Ignored that HC is that humans are electrical beings, Ignored by HC is that frequency load is cumulative. Ignored by HC is that harm is now visible and is indeed happening and can be witnessed. The lowest possible frequencies are indeed heating us up. And they are not doing so by the square centimetre of Tony Muc’s non weight of evidence approach and not being done by his junk science formula of harm, either,. Frequencies don’t work that way. They are heating us from the core outward. So SC6 may have been the standard but only until Health Canada was shown what the causal link to harm was. SC6 also states that the minute Health Canada were to be shown, as of that moment they were obliged to respond to the weight of evidence of proof which they themselves avoided using on anything living and their own law makes it illegal for them to fail to immediately then change the application of their own law. It says so right in the law of SC6. the junk formula is based on heat per square centimetre of the human body. This is not how frequencies behave. Health Canada is obliged to not only consider but use and apply any and all new information. Instead, they are stonewalling and have dismissed humans as electrical entities (tell that to the electrolytes, the electrocardiogram and the EKG and ECG administrators) as well as dismissing the entire body of electrical science of electrical induction, excitation of atoms and molecules,leading to nerve and muscle depolarization, and gradual electrical failure of our bodies, which is what the frequencies are causing in all of us, not just the electrical sensitives who feel it happening.
        Health Canada must adhere to the terms of this most unusual law and weight of evidence. The Auditor General must pursue them for their own failure to abide by their own law, SC6.

  5. Mia Nony says:

    November 7, 2011 Starting next April, some customers of BC Hydro’s Medium General Service (MGS) rate class will shift to a new “conservation rate” structure.

    BC Hydro , Nov 7,2011 MGS Baselines will be updated on a quarterly basis. Medium General Service (MGS) is one of three general service rate categories for business customers

    Click to access mgs_guide.Par.0001.File.mgs_guide.pdf


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  7. Loraine Hawley says:

    No Smart Meter for me I don’t want it.

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  11. Mia Nony says:

    Letter by Jerry Flynn
    re FortisBC AMI CPCN,
    Project No. 3698682 –

    CEC Clarification Comments on Community Input Sessions

    From: Jerry Flynn
    Date: September 21, 2012

    Subject: FortisBC AMI CPCN, Project No. 3698682 – CEC Clarification Comments on Community Input Sessions

    I am new to this whole Intervener role and am unfamiliar and not particularly comfortable with the cumbersome administrative process.
    One thing I do know is that this whole smart meter, meshed-grid and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) subject is of such great – even historical – importance to us all, that the public MUST be given every opportunity to see, hear and understand exactly what is going on.

    I personally have a long military background much of it spent in SIGINT (signals intelligence) and EW (electronic warfare), including two years in Canada’s National Defense Headquarters, where I served as an Electronics Warfare Officer in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare for two years.
    I have an entirely different and a very real appreciation for the undeniable dangers that accrue from any pulsed wireless EMR-emitting technology, including those which electric utilities and the telecom industry continue to impose on our uninformed, unsuspecting and unprotected society.

    Certainly, within the military intelligence community, at least, it has long been known that both the former U.S.S.R. and the U.S. militaries have experimented for more than 60 years – and continue to do so – with the non-thermal low-intensity, long term effects of pulsed microwave EMR on humans!
    It is further known that both Russia and the U.S. have developed an arsenal of microwave weapons capable of disabling, maiming and even killing humans … plus they have pulsed microwave weapons capable of mind control.
    Of the specific frequencies the Soviet’s in particular experimented with and whose lethality they now fully understand one stands out: 2.4 GHz! as this is the very same frequency used in today’s wi-fi routers, DECT phones and the ZigBee radios inside every Smart Meter. Significantly, too, the Soviets’ effective radiated power (ERP) was estimated to be lower than that currently permitted by both Health Canada’s or the FCC’s “Guidelines”!

    History has been written; the de-classified government documents are there to be seen; the Internet is full of evidence, which is unassailable. No informed person can question that microwave weapons exist or that the long term, low intensity EMR emitted by pulsed microwave devices are injurious to not just humans but to all life forms. So, let’s make absolutely certain these hearing are open to the public – and, just as importantly – to the media.

    Jerry Flynn
    Retired Captain, Canadian Armed Forces (ex-Royal Canadian Navy)

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