Allergic to WiFi? (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity)

I would like to hear your story!

I am looking for people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), and who would like to share their story with me for a book I am writing: REFUGIUM: Wi-Fi Exiles And The Coming Electroplague.

I am an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of several books. There is some information about me on Wikipedia:

If you are willing to share your EHS story with me, please contact me by email: .

And please include some details about your life with EHS and what strategies you have adopted to improve your health and quality of life. Have you moved to the country? Removed Wi-Fi from your home? Built a Faraday cage to sleep in? Set up a tent in your backyard to sleep in? (These are just some of the strategies people have told me about so far.)

I am hoping that what I write on this subject will help raise public awareness about the hazards of wireless radiation by putting a human face on what is otherwise an overwhelming pile of data and statistics.

I would like to offer the public some individual stories that include successful strategies for reducing or avoiding Wi-Fi and other common sources of electromagnetic radiation.

So if you suffer from EHS, and particularly if you are actively doing something in your life to address the problem, then I would very much like to hear from you and possibly interview you by phone or email.


EHS is a condition affecting an ever-increasing percentage of the population in our heavily wired and WiFi’ed world. A 2006 study from Sweden predicted that 50% of the population will be electrically hypersensitive by the year 2017.

In June 2012, Women’s College Hospital in Toronto became the first hospital in Canada to recognize EHS, and to call on family doctors to learn to detect its symptoms.

EHS symptoms can include headaches, muscle spasms, burning skin, reddening of the face, heat sensation, pressure in the ears, tinnitus, blood rush to the head, vertigo, chest pain, vision changes, tingling sensations, fatigue, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, depression, among other things.

EHS is a consequence of exposure to certain electromagnetic frequencies. And for most EHS sufferers, this seems to be the frequencies used by cell phones, cordless phones, computer WiFi, microwave ovens, smart meters, and other devices emitting in the 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz range.

Many EHS sufferers find relief when they remove WiFi and other sources of this pollution from their homes. And many EHS sufferers cannot enter Internet cafes or electronics departments of stores (or in some cases, enter any stores at all) without immediately experiencing EHS symptoms.

~Kim Goldberg

About Kim Goldberg

Kim Goldberg is a poet, journalist and the author of 8 books of poetry and nonfiction. Latest titles: DEVOLUTION (poems of ecopocalypse), UNDETECTABLE (her Hep C journey in haibun), RED ZONE (poems of homelessness) and RIDE BACKWARDS ON DRAGON: a poet's journey through Liuhebafa. She lives in Nanaimo, BC. Contact:
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7 Responses to Allergic to WiFi? (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity)

  1. las artes says:

    Some researchers have postulated that one possibility for the results is that subjects expected a negative effect and so experienced one, and that this can be expanded to explain why EHS sufferers feel symptoms when near to EMFs more generally. Another theory is that there are some other physical causes such as flickering lights or problems with visual display units (VDUs).

  2. E1000y says:

    And the cure : I had ES, proven to be caused by cat’s scratch disease (bartonellose). Cured in 3 month with Samento, Banderol, after 15 months of indescriptible pain, job losses. Now everything is pretty much back on track, although I keep cutting wifi and using corded phones ; EMFs shunt your immune system, that’s why a load of nasty diseases just develop and go wild. But there’s a way out. Please spread the hope!

  3. My mother is electrosensitive. She´s been living for the last eleven years next to a big antenna. She had many symptoms, headache, tremors, she couldn´t sleep, she was very nervous, she hadn´t salive… The worst was when the ears and throat burned… She had several implants into her mouth. So, these implants worked as an small antennas, I mean, as a signal amplifiers… So, when the dentist removed them, she is really well now. She doesn´t feel pain when there is a WIFI or a mobile next to her….

  4. Kim, your project hits the nail on the head. The first thing people have to know is that wireless radiation is making people sick. The safety, security, cost concerns are all secondary.
    Thanks for your initiative.

  5. silver price says:

    Some people are adversely affected by wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless phones and Wifi. The condition is known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and affects about three percent of the population. Their symptoms can be accounted for by an electromagnetically-induced increase in the permeability of the cells of the nervous system that triggers their sensory cells to send false signals to the brain. These cells respond to normal stimulation by short circuiting the natural voltage that occurs across their membranes to give the so-called receptor potential. This triggers the release of neurotransmitters tha make neighbouring nerve cells send impulses to the brain.

  6. Gordon Perry says:

    I have only recently become aware that EHS is the name of what has bothered me for years. I had been using my cel phone on a daily basis for business, when I started getting blurred vision every time I made a call. I got a “Hands Free” system, and over time things seemed better. Recently I had a Catscan, and discovered a growth behind my right eye, likely the result of all those cel phone calls. Years ag, I was working as an Electrician and was hospitalized from a electrical accident. I beleive that was when my EHS simptoms began to show up. Even if I carry a cel phone on my belt or in my pocket, I can feel the “heat” on my body.

  7. Letha Talaga says:

    blurred vision can be caused by astigmatism or any damage to the retine.^

    My own, personal website

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