Dam Poets – Flash Mob

Colliery DamYo! Dam Poets! Time to get yer FLASH MOB on! 

This Sunday, July 14, c’mon down to the lower dam at Colliery Dam Park (Nanaimo) at 2:00 pm with a poem to share.  Bring a poem inspired by the outdoors, Colliery Dams Park, Vancouver Island forests, or preservation of green spaces.

It’ll be a “flash mob flood of poetry,” says organizer Meldy Wilton.

Contact Meldy if you want to read/perform your poem or spoken word piece:

Email: m.wilton@shaw.ca, or phone: 250-754-8369 to leave a message.

RSVP is appreciated but not essential in order to read. Just get yer lyrical butt down there on Sunday!

Everyone is welcome to participate and share a poem. No prior experience necessary.

Nanaimo’s historic Colliery Dams Park is at risk of being destroyed by city council this summer.

(Mark your calendars for another Dam Poets event next month, August 10, at Harewood Activity Centre from 12:30-2:30 pm. Contact Meldy to sign-up to read or perform acoustic music.)

About Kim Goldberg

Kim Goldberg is a poet, journalist and the author of 8 books of poetry and nonfiction. Latest titles: DEVOLUTION (poems of ecopocalypse), UNDETECTABLE (her Hep C journey in haibun), RED ZONE (poems of homelessness) and RIDE BACKWARDS ON DRAGON: a poet's journey through Liuhebafa. She lives in Nanaimo, BC. Contact: goldberg@ncf.ca
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1 Response to Dam Poets – Flash Mob

  1. Winfred Blair says:

    The sheep comment was only a metaphor for someone who is being led blindly into believing the opinions of those in power (Dam Safty Branch/City staff) when there is clearly other better options available by people with much more structual engineering background than anyone on city staff or council. I have been to the community meetings, the city council meeting and lastly the information session put on by Dave Cutts reguarding plan B. I have lived in Harewood for over 20 years, and although the property I now own is on Park Ave. I quite frequently ride my bike, with my dog from my property around the dams and back. I know that the motion passed involved a re-build of both dams, but with dire consequences for the habitat in and around the lakes I can not support the immediate drainage, what happens to the spring run off and heavy rainfall next year when there is no dams in place? City council haven’t thought it through and could be placing residents in greater danger by removing the dams than if they were to keep them. Maybe you would like to join us for our occupy colliery camp outs, we are only trying to preserve the history of Harewood to make it a better place for our children.

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