Victory for Nanaimo’s CHLY Radio

October 31, 2013

By Kim Goldberg

200 members packed the Shaw Auditorium to capacity last night to cast their ballots ousting the old regime at CHLY Radio's AGM. (Photo © Kim Goldberg, 2013)

200 members packed the Shaw Auditorium to capacity last night to cast their ballots ousting the old regime at CHLY Radio’s AGM. (Photo © Kim Goldberg, 2013)

NANAIMO, BC—Radio CHLY has been saved, at least for the moment. All six Save CHLY candidates swept to power in a landslide victory at last night’s AGM for Nanaimo’s campus-community radio station, giving them a majority position on the ten-member Board of Directors for the Radio Malaspina Society.

Two hundred people filled the Shaw Auditorium to capacity, making this the best attended AGM in the history of the 13-year-old radio station.

The entire boisterous night, expertly chaired by CHLY programmer Marjorie Stewart, was a massive testament to the power of people to unite for constructive change when sufficiently enraged.

To read more about CHLY’s recent spate of internal conflicts and financial problems, see my last blog posting here.

On Wednesday night, the outgoing Board of Directors, and especially treasurer Greg Boulter, was excoriated by members of the audience and by the Chairperson herself for coming to the AGM with no audited financial statement, no auditor, and insufficient documents to assess the station’s current financial situation.

The membership replied by smacking down 200 nearly unanimous ballots electing the six Save CHLY candidates and ousting Boulter, who was seeking another term on the board.

The four newly elected members from the community are:

Gord Bibby
Nadine Wiepning
Cameron Wigmore
Jesse Woodward

The four newly elected members from the VIU student body are:

Aimee Calder
Joani Isberg-Herron
James Booker
Mike McCreight

They join remaining mid-term board members Mike Preston and Alex Kalmakov-Wellborn (also both VIU students), although questions are circulating about the future roles of the two holdovers from the disgraced outgoing board.

Members of the new board made it a first priority to regain control of the keys to the station, since the old guard had changed the locks in September, effectively locking out all program producers who had previously been able to enter and leave without supervision. The incoming board is also turning its first attention to sorting out the station’s finances, which—judging by what was presented to members at last night’s AGM—are in considerable disarray.

About Kim Goldberg

Kim Goldberg is a poet, journalist and the author of 8 books of poetry and nonfiction. Latest titles: DEVOLUTION (poems of ecopocalypse), UNDETECTABLE (her Hep C journey in haibun), RED ZONE (poems of homelessness) and RIDE BACKWARDS ON DRAGON: a poet's journey through Liuhebafa. She lives in Nanaimo, BC. Contact:
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9 Responses to Victory for Nanaimo’s CHLY Radio

  1. james says:

    thanks kim! missed the chance at introducing myself to you last night, but it will happen one of these days.. cheers james

  2. Arbie Fru says:

    It should be noted, as I have seen two different missives aimed at two different communities (students and the Argentine Tango group that use the Globe occasionally) Friends of Independent Radio or SaveCHLY have no plans to give up the Globe. Truth to tell we are like most groups of people coming together for a cause, we agree on that cause and not much else. In this case the cause is the mismanagement and overbearing management and lack of transparency of several individuals in their haste to effect change. The Globe is part of that change but only a small part. We need to examine the lease in detail (only a handful have seen it), find out what our options really are in that space (not just what one guy says they are) and then make some decisions. IF it is financially doable I think it is a wonderful building with many possibilities to improve our programming options. I believe ownership is always a better option than renting in the long run, whether this is the best property for us to own remains to be seen. There is also a whole discussion to be considered about the speed of technology and the future of radio, maybe I’m wrong and by the time we pay for this building there won’t be radio as we know it, and we’d be better of renting in case or space needs radically change. So may things to consider.

    • Kim Goldberg says:

      Well said, Arbie! Much remains to be seen & discovered with the whole Globe proposition. And a close examination of the lease agreement and the financials are the first order of business. I myself have, from the outset, been tremendously inspired and excited by the vision and possibilities for the station’s “expansion” to the Globe property. The question really is: Is it financially feasible at this time and under these terms for this organization?

    • james says:

      hi arbie – that is all true. what is chly looking for and is the globe the best fit? i think chly has to be clear on just what it wants it’s mandate to be.. is it a radio station or a live entertainment venue also in the business of renting apartments and holding a primary liquor license? can it be all of this at the same time? is the globe the best building to the vision the membership has for what chly is/could be?

      i don’t think it is. i don’t think it is a wise investment either given the age of the building.. i think it would be prohibitively expensive or require a seismic upgrade which would make it more expensive then other possibilities which might exist.. i had heard that the place where the military museum now is was offered to chly before this globe happened, but chly turned it down! if someone can substantiate if this rumour is/was true, it would be shocking to think of why chly opted for the globe with an 8625$ monthly lease when other more favourable options were available? it is all conjecture on my part as i don’t know what is true or false in this.. “what is the mandate for chly and how does it fit with the idea of the globe?” is the ultimate question to ask here though all as i see it.. the bod are going to have to figure it out, hopefully with the help of input from the membership…the lease runs til march 2015 as i have been told.. that is the set up at present.. hopefully chly can resolve any financial issues that may be outstanding.. hopefully we find this info out soon.. cheers james

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