Welcome to Pig Squash Press! You have arrived at the cyber-home, alter ego, publishing imprint and creative conduit connecting meKim Goldbergto the rest of the planet (and possibly beyond).

My latest books are:

UndetectableUndetectable, a lyrical journey through illness, wellness, Hepatitis C and virus as metaphor. I lived with Hepatitis C for 45 years before being cured in 2015 with the breakthrough new drug Harvoni. I wrote Undetectable in the Japanese literary style of haibun – a travel diary paired with haiku – as I wandered the streets and forests of Nanaimo, BC, during my 84 days of treatment, meditating on all things undetectable.

RED ZONE, a graffiti-strewn poem diary of homelessness in Nanaimo, BC, where I live. More than 300 people live and sleep on the streets of Nanaimo. RED ZONE has been taught in university literature courses. Reviewers have compared it to the writings of Allen Ginsberg, Marge Piercy, and John Steinbeck.

Ride Backwards on Dragon: a poet’s journey through Liuhebafafinalist for Canada’s Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. A collection of 66 linked poems following the 66-move sequence of the ancient martial art of Liuhebafa on a mythic quest for internal alchemy and immortality. Visit my Liuhebafagirl blog for deets.

So make yourself comfy, have a boo at my blog postings about upcoming literary happenings and other current events, leave a comment, walk your dog, order a book or two, follow me on Twitter @KimPigSquash, like me on Facebook.

May the metaphors be with you!

Kim Goldberg

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The Beaver Lodichai

The Beaver Lodichai

by Kim Goldberg


beaver-8b12cx1The beaver Lodichai was the most celebrated chap in the marsh. His glossy pelt rippled in the sun as he clambered ashore to chip away at young alder trunks.

Everyone wanted to be seen as his friend. To that end, much name-dropping ensued. Creatures were forever saying “Last week, Lodichai told me…” and “When I was having lunch with Lodichai yesterday…”

Lodichai’s lodge parties were legendary. He had the best music, served the most exquisite willow-leaf roll-ups, and was—to put it politely—quite popular with the ladies of all species.

One morning, as the marsh awoke with its chorus of peeps and trills, it quickly became apparent that Lodichai’s lodge had collapsed. Coots and grebes and all available mink rushed over to help. They tried to pull Lodichai from the tangle of interlocking branches but could not extricate him from above or beneath. He was, as fate would have it, trapped in a cage of his own making.

The mink were able to clear enough twigs and debris from the top to give him a breathing outlet. Marsh occupants began bringing him things to eat, although none could match Lodichai’s culinary sophistication.

barred-owl1-8b10csat10x1Various creatures were sitting it out on the shore or in branches overhead. They watched the rescue mission impassively, twitching no whisker or ear tuft to rise to Lodichai’s aid. And then the rumours began.

From the fringes of the marsh, the most outlandish claims started to circulate. If gossip is to be believed, it seems Lodichai had the unfortunate habit of urinating where he shouldn’t.

A spotted towhee found urine-drenched birdseed on the trail. The chickadees told him Lodichai had come along and given the seed a squirt or two. A fetching red-legged frog said she lost an entire egg mass last season due to Lodichai’s shenanigans (which was doubly unfortunate, considering species’ threatened status).

An anise swallowtail butterfly claimed all the lomatium along the trail had been soured with Lodichai’s urine and could no longer suffice as a larval food plant.

dscn2383-15b20cx1sat15Lodichai was even accused of taking aim at a downy woodpecker’s nest cavity five feet off the ground—and acquiring the target, so to speak.

The allegations mounted but were largely ignored because of Lodichai’s contribution to the marsh: his parties, his beauty, his generosity. Oh yes, and his mind. Let’s not forget that! Where would this marsh be without Lodichai?

And why on earth would Lodichai do these preposterous things? The answer, countered the aggrieved, was because he could.

A non-profit organization was formed to find a way to extract Lodichai from his predicament and rebuild his lodge. It was called SOUL—Save Our Unerring Lodichai. The most prominent creatures in the marsh added their names to the membership roster, which was posted in the main parking lot.

fdscn3392-cropx1sat-10lit-5The creatures on the sidelines, growing in number daily, were horrified to find their friends, mentors, and even heroes on the membership list. Especially after what the pumpkin-seed sunfish had disclosed about Lodichai. (When a beaver’s tail smacks the water, it is not something you want to be beneath.)

A counter-organization was formed called SOULLESS—Stop Offering Up Lies, Listen to Every Song and Silence.

SOULLESS demanded that SOUL disband or at least take down the wretched membership list on display for all to see. This prompted more marsh creatures to add their names to SOUL, regardless of what they thought of Lodichai’s alleged conduct, just to prove they couldn’t be bossed or suppressed.

cattails2-sat10x30By this point, major media were covering the story with headlines about “Marsh Civil War” and “The Collapse of Marsh Culture” and “L’affaire Lodichai”. There was discussion of building a wall down the centre of the marsh. That might have proceeded had it not been for the fact that the only one who actually knew how to build such a wall was Lodichai himself.

However, even without a physical wall, the marsh has now become two solitudes. The SOUL supporters have staked out the eastern half of the water and shoreline, while SOULLESS advocates have claimed the west.

Lodichai, meanwhile, is still snared in his watery cage and is said to have lost weight due to the blandness of his diet.


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Hate Masks Pain (James Baldwin)

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”

― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

James Baldwin - NYC

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Nanaimo Home for Sale – $260K

SOLD! There were multiple offers on this property and I have now accepted one of them. So this house is no longer available. Thank you all for your interest!


Handyman Special at 345 Howard Avenue!

Price: $260,000 (“as is”) – more than $20,000 below assessed value!

Size: 2,750 sq ft
Lot: 9,360 sq ft (72 x 130)
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 2.5

This may be the best priced home in Nanaimo right now. It’s certainly the lowest priced LARGE home (2,750 sq ft) on its own lot. WeExterior Front’ve checked! (This is our Mom’s house, and my brother & I are selling it ourselves.)

1970s-built, bright 2-level home on large lot in University District with 6 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, huge family room downstairs and gorgeous living room up.

Living room has a floor-to-ceiling split lime fireplace (wood burning) with polished marble hearth, vaulted ceiling, panoramic picture window, and knotty pine walls and ceiling. Three bedrooms on main floor, plus 4-piece bathroom with two sinks. Also kitchen, sunny breakfast nook and dining room on main. Master bedroom has walk-in closet and 2-piece ensuite.

Lower level has huge finished family room with double sink, 220 outlet for stove, and wood-burning fireplace. Another 3 bedrooms on lower level, plus laundry room and 3-piece bathroom. Most rooms on lower level are incompletely finished (bare studs or wallboard).

Home has 1,375 square feet on each level, a large covered deck with nice view of mountains on mainland and peek-a-boo ocean view, large lot (72 x 130) with many mature trees, 200-amp electrical service, a drive-through carport on cement slab that can accommodate two tall vehicles, lane access, large private fenced backyard with professionally built wooden garden shed.

Home is in need of considerable renovation and clean-up, hence the good price. But if you are handy with tools and can do the work, there is money to be made here – either on resale or renting rooms to VIU students or…?

This house is being sold in “as is” condition. The house needs: new floor covering throughout, interior paint throughout, new window coverings throughout, new range top, oven and counters in kitchen, repair to holes on outdoor deck, landscaping (pruning, mowing, brush removal), repairs to get 3 sinks working, most ground-level rooms need to be finished (drywall/paneling, ceiling, curtains).

The house is solidly built with good bones and a 3-year-old professional exterior paint job. Membrane roof was put on about 20 years ago but still fine, no leaks. Heating system works fine and is oil-fired hot water (which involves baseboard radiators in every room).

This house was built in the early 1970s by first owner, foreclosed on, and purchased by our mother, Shirley Goldberg, in 1977. She has lived there ever since while teaching English and Film Studies at VIU. The house has never been a rental or party house or drug house. Our mother went into a nursing home earlier this year. My brother and I don’t have the time or energy to fix this house up to fetch what it could be worth in today’s market. We each have lives and homes of our own to take care of. So our loss is your gain! Speedy closing welcome.

REALTORS: If you bring us a viable buyer on a deal that completes, you will receive your standard half of the commission.

More photos will be coming as we get the place emptied out.

To view, phone Kim at 250-741-8577. Leave message on machine if I’m not there. Or email me at goldberg@ncf.ca . Or knock on door at 345 Howard Avenue and ask my brother Larry to show you the house. (If his white truck is there, he is there.)

Exterior FrontExterior Rear

The drive-thru carport on concrete slab can accommodate 2 tall vehicles

The drive-thru carport on concrete slab can accommodate 2 tall vehicles

Living Room has a floor-to-ceiling split lime fireplace (wood-burning) with polished marble heart, vaulted ceiling, panoramic window and knotty pine walls and ceiling

Living Room has a floor-to-ceiling split lime fireplace (wood-burning) with polished marble heart, vaulted ceiling, panoramic window and knotty pine walls and ceiling

The knotty pine of the living room continues into the foyer

The knotty pine of the living room continues into the foyer

Dining Room

Dining Room

Kitchen cabinets are copious in this house but very "1970s" - probably time for a re-do

Kitchen cabinets are copious in this house but very “1970s” – probably time for a re-do

The master bedroom has a 2-piece ensuite and walk-in closet. All carpets in house are from the 1970s and need to be replaced.

The master bedroom has a 2-piece ensuite and walk-in closet. All carpets in house are from the 1970s and need to be replaced.

Lovely and large private backyard is fenced and includes a professionally built wooden garden shed

This property has a lot of potential. If you are in the market for a reno project, let us show it to you!

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Media Coverage of Undetectable

UndetectableMy latest book Undetectable, my haibun poetry memoir of Hepatitis C and virus as metaphor, has garnered some GREAT media coverage so far! Here are some links for your reading and listening pleasure:


People First Radio – Audio from my Nanaimo book launch for Undetectable (42 min.), produced by Kevin Midbo and People First Media

Boil The Frog Slowly – Interview (46 min.), with hosts Pat Rullo and Sebastian Sanzotta

Speak Up and Stay Alive – Interview (20 min), with host Pat Rullo

Wax Poetic Radio (Vancouver Co-op Radio) – Interview (25 min) with hosts Pamela Bentley and Kevin Spenst


Vancouver Sun – Book review by Mary Ann Moore

“There is much to acknowledge and praise in Undetectable… From her small cottage left over from Nanaimo’s coal-mining era, Goldberg walks the streets experiencing the city as a solitary traveller.” –Mary Ann Moore

HepMag Blogs – Book review by Lucinda K. Porter, RN

“Kim uses poetry, nature, history, social relevance, and humor to enrich her solid storytelling. Her ability to evoke beauty and emotion are so astounding, that at times I put the book down and wept.” –Lucinda K. Porter, RN

Seaside Magazine – Book review by Trysh Ashby Rolls

“Undetectable is an inspirational, informative, emotionally stirring, triumphant and highly readable story, whether you have Hepatitis C or not.” –Trysh Ashby Rolls

HCV Advocate – Book review by Lucinda K. Porter, RN

“Gathering images from nature, Kim weaves history and social issues into a story that is everyone’s story. Told with achingly raw truth, Kim taunts us to look deeper, but applies a balm of humor just in case the reader decides to take Kim too seriously.” –Lucinda K. Porter, RN

The World – News Article

Nanaimo News Bulletin – News article by Rachel Stern

Cascadia Poetics Lab

HepC-BC – News article

Good Reads – Book review by Lucinda Porter

“There were moments I needed to just pause and relish the gratitude I felt to have this book and these words in my possession.” –Lucinda Porter

BC BookLook – News article


Undetectable is available for $19 (Canadian or US funds) via PayPal to goldberg@ncf.ca. Free shipping in North America. Add $10 for shipping overseas.







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Roadtrip Through the Body

Mark your calendars & grab your Go bags, dudes and dudettes! The 2 Kims are gonna rock ya with a ROADTRIP THROUGH THE BODY for National Poetry Month!

Bees Knees banner

Sunday, April 10, 1-3 pm
Bee’s Knees Cafe
 208 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, BC
Kim Clark & Kim Goldberg

Bring a poem or 2 of your own to share at the open mic. We are looking for poems related to the body, illness, wellness, health, healing, viscera, mesentery, dysentery, goji berry… you get the idea! Be there, or be disembodied!

The open mic will follow the featured readings by the 2 Kims (Clark & Goldberg). Enjoy a healthy, organic, home-made snack at the cafe while you listen to poetry. Food for body and soul.

Kim ClarkKIM CLARK is a poet, author and playwright. Disease and desire propel her ongoing journey between poetry and prose. She writes about her life with Multiple Sclerosis in her fiction, drama and in her poetry chapbook Disease and Desire, the ManuScript. http://www.kimclarkwriter.com/

Kim GoldbergKIM GOLDBERG is a poet, journalist and author of seven books. She lived with Hepatitis C for 45 years, telling no one, until she was cured in 2015 with the new drug Harvoni. She documents her journey in her latest book Undetectable, a haibun poetry travel diary. https://pigsquash.wordpress.com/

This is a National Poetry Month event sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets and Canada Council for the Arts. This year’s Poetry Month theme is “The Road”.

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Undetectable – Nanaimo Launch Photos


I had a great time launching Undetectable today at Nanaimo Harbourfront Library. Undetectable is my haibun poetry account of my Hepatitis C journey and recent cure. The audience made good use of the question period after, which has been my hope for this book – that it can be a springboard for discussion around this much stigmatized illness that can now be cured.

List of future launches is here.

Thanks to People First Media for the photos!

Chatting with my pal Larry Gambone before the launch

Chatting with my pal Larry Gambone before the launch





Doing what poets do…. signing books and collecting my gold doubloons


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Undetectable – Launch Dates & Readings

UndetectableHere are some of my scheduled launches and readings for my latest book, Undetectable – my haibun poetry account of my Hepatitis C journey and recent cure. Everyone is welcome at these events, and questions are encouraged. All events are free of charge.

Copies of Undetectable will be available for sale and signing at each event. Or you can purchase a copy directly from my website for $19 (free shipping in North America). I don’t sell my books on Amazon because I resist corporate entanglement, and I believe in authentic connection with other beings on this planet.


Nanaimo Book Launch

Saturday, February 27, 2016
1:00-2:30 pm
Nanaimo Harbourfront Library
90 Commercial Street

Gabriola Island Book Launch

Saturday, March 19, 2016
1:00-2:30 pm
Gabriola Library
#5-575 North Road (Folklife Village)

Victoria Book Launch

Thursday, April 21, 2016
7:00-8:30 pm
Silver Threads Meeting Room (Richmond & Bay, across from Royal Jubilee Hospital)
This is a public information evening organized by HepCBC and will include a 20-minute screening of the documentary Deal With It, followed by my book launch, and concluding with a panel discussion and audience questions.


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