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Typewriting While Driving

Making the rounds on Facebook right now, and too good not to share! 😉 The joke holds a special irony for me. I came across this image today on Facebook just a few moments after telling a friend and author … Continue reading

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BC NDP Betraying Voters on Smart Meters

Apparently British Columbians can’t count on a future NDP government to respect democratic process and the will of the people where smart meters are concerned. And Una St. Clair of Citizens for Safe Technology is doing something about that. Earlier … Continue reading

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How Hot is Your Bedroom?

By Kim Goldberg December 17, 2011 You thought I was talking sex, right? No way. Sex is so yesterday. I’m talking electrosmog. (Is this why I don’t get invited to cool parties anymore?) That’s right – the electromagnetic radiation surrounding … Continue reading

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Referendum on Smart Meters Sought for BC

On Thursday (Nov. 24), StopSmartMeters.ca publicly announced their plan to seek a referendum on BC Hydro’s Smart Meter program by using the province’s Recall and Initiative Act. Here is the video of their press conference with Walt McGinnis and Steve … Continue reading

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Smart THIS!

Sign the petition calling for a moratorium on wireless smart meters in BC.  Pre-register here to support a BC referendum on smart meters. NEWS FLASH (Nov. 11, 2011): There is now at least one case in British Columbia of a … Continue reading

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