Cascadia Poetry Festival – Photos

Had a GREAT time at the inaugural Cascadia Poetry Festival last weekend in Seattle! Ran into old friends and made new ones.

The festival was dreamed up and organized by Paul Nelson, founder of SPLAB (Spokenword Lab) in Seattle’s colourful Columbia City district. SPLAB was the primary festival venue.

I made the trek to Seattle with my 3 other BC colleagues who were on the Eco-Poetry panel that I organized for the festival: Catherine Owen, Heidi Greco and Kate Braid.  And, yeah, the four of us totally rocked the joint. ;)

Our Eco-poetry panel & writing workshop (plus a fabulous nature walk led by Ed of the Audubon Society!) all took place at the Seward Park Environmental and Audubon Center on the shores of Lake Washington in south Seattle.

The four of us on the Eco-Po panel even produced a chapbook of our eco-poetry in time for the festival: Igniting the Green Fuse. Just $10 gets you a quadruply signed and numbered copy of this coveted collectible. Only 100 copies in existence.

Highlights of the weekend for me were the Sunday night reading by Sam Hamill, founder of Copper Canyon Press and Poets Against War, plus the Wabi Sabi sushi dinner that followed Sam’s reading, as well as the Sound Poetry extravaganza that kicked things off on Friday night at the Vermillion Art Gallery Wine Bar on Capitol Hill. And of course our fabulous Eco-Poetry afternoon at Seward Park!

Cascadia 2013 will be held in British Columbia, and planning is already underway.

Thanks to Barbara Erwine, Greg Bem, and others who let me augment my own photo collection with some of their own.

May the metaphors be with you!
Kim Goldberg

Our Eco-Poetry Chapbook, Igniting the Green Fuse, by Kim Goldberg, Catherine Owen, Kate Braid and Heidi Greco

About Kim Goldberg

Kim Goldberg is an award-winning poet, journalist and author of 6 books. Latest titles: RED ZONE (poems of homelessness) and RIDE BACKWARDS ON DRAGON: a poet's journey through Liuhebafa. She lives in Nanaimo, BC. Contact:
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